Split board touring is one of the fastest growing parts of the sport. More and more people want to escape the hustle and bustle of the piste and want to experience the adventure of going deep into the backcountry. The split board revolution over the past few years has seen the performance levels of the equipment raise dramatically making it both easier and more fun to access the backcountry.

Split boards are available in a wide variety of shapes and designs but generally they all do similar things. A split board is a snowboard that is split in half down its length, this allows the board to be used as ski’s with skins attached (to stop the ski sliding backwards) for ascending and traversing unrideable terrain. When the rider wants to make a descent the board is then fastened back together with clips at the nose and tail.

Split boards use an interface with the bindings that allow the bindings to be used both as a ski touring binding and a traditional binding. When purchasing a split board you need to buy skins and the binding Interface although most brands now offer everything in a complete kit.



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