The Snowboard Asylum, Aviemore

  • Andrew Forwood

    Snowboarding Expert

    Store: AVIEMORE

    Aviemore local Andrew is one our most accomplished Snowboard Experts. Sponsored by TSA and Artec Snowboards, Andrew has been riding for eleven years, is a BASI instructor, is a regular on our annual Board Test and is on the British Freestyle Team, making him a veritable font of all snowboarding knowledge!

    Andrew began snowboarding at with his local snowboard club and soon found himself competing. In 2009 Andrew medalled Gold and Bronze in the British Championships Slopestyle in Laax, Switzerland, and will be competing at the Brits again in 2013.

    Andrew is also one of our gadget experts. As the focus of many snowboard edits, he is a source of enlightenment when it comes to all manner of cameras and filming, and he has plenty of experience in the field with our array of GPS devices and backcountry equipment.

    Favourite Destination:

    Laax, Switzerland. "Laax just caters for everything. It has 4 parks, so it’s a freestyle Mecca, and the terrain is just awesome."