As one of the UK's leading mountain sports retailers it stands to reason that our primary concern is the environment in which we operate - after all our outdoor playground is the one thing that we all enjoy and want to preserve.  We therefore recognise our responsibility in needing to minimise our business impact on the environment for our pleasure interests. The SnowboardAsylum are committed to a series of initiatives that are aimed at reducing our environmental impact. These include, but are not limited to;

  • Recycling over 75% of cardboard (spring 2009 estimate); used packaging, boxes, signage etc.
  • Repair, re-use or recycle everything possible from signage to IT equipment - including surplus clothing (donations to Barnardos, Bosnia Appeal & Porters Progress).
  • Catalogues are mailed in biodegradable polythene bags.
  • Plastic bags are made from 33% recycled plastics and we are working towards the introduction of paper & biodegradable bags from September 2008.
  • Guide our suppliers/partners in the most environmentally friendly way to package/transport products - and heed their advice!
  • Actively promoting the repairing of clothing & equipment via and walking boots/shoes via Lancashire Sports Repair Ltd
  • Stock increasing amounts of environmentally friendly products and champion our most ethical brands/manufacturers.
  • Encouraging our staff and partners to offset their carbon emissions - both business and pleasure.
  • We provide a battery recycling service - just call into one of our stores and drop off your old dead batteries!
  • Endorsing Manchester's Climate Change Action Plan, "Manchester: A Certain Future" (2009/2010).
  • Fur: The Snowboard Asylum consciously avoid brands who use real fur and will continue to do so in the future. Where fur please read faux fur!

We are constantly adding new initiatives in an effort to preserve our playground but we would also be happy to receive your thoughts on anything you feel we should be doing - or not doing as the case may be! Please email with your suggestions.

TSA endorses Manchester's Climate Change Action Plan 2010 carbon trust Recycle Now cpre

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