The awesome charity event “Boarding for Ball Cancer” is back on Friday the 29th of November at Snozone Castleford. This time the Castleford TSA crew are working with the UK charity BALLBOYS to help spread awareness of testicular cancer and raise some money for the charity to boot.

On the evening there will be a full park to shred designed by TSA rider Jonny Russell, you can ride that from 7pm until midnight, we’ll also have a TSA demo running until 10pm if you want to test a new board. If you are coming down be sure to buy a tonnes of raffle tickets as we’ve had some amazing prizes donated by 32, Spacecraft, Dinosaurs Will Die, Capita, Nikita, Whitelines, Bern, Bonfire, Bataleon, Drake, Northwave, Salomon and Endeavor. Tickets are only £2 and there are thousands of pounds of raffle prizes to be won on the night.

More info can be found of the Facebook events page here

Here are all the raffle winners, thanks to all the sponsors for their prize donations.

Paul Cook- Endeavour Skull Skate snowboard and Salomon Rhythm bindings.
Steve Hall- Bataleon Camel Toe and Spacecraft beard beanie.
Sam hart- Drake Empire snowboard, Drake King bindings and Northwave boots.
Kev Dyer- Dinosaurs Will Die Maet snowboard and Spacecraft beanie.
Kelly Mason- Capita D.O.A skate deck, Spacecraft hoodie and beanie.
Dave Miller- Bonfire pants.
Sam K- Bonfire pants.
Alison GT- Bonfire jacket.
Jason Cocknell- 32 Danny Larsen drawn and signed boot.
Tristan Bennett- Nikita Fleece hoodie and Spacecraft beanie.
John Harford- Nikita hoodie and spacecraft beanie.
Ben Hicks- Nikita Hoodie. Karen Brown and Jason Cocknell got a Spacecraft wallet and £10 TSA gift card.

Posted by: Shannon