We caught up with Cleay Perham, the man behind Switchback bindings and picked his brains about the brand, new tech and what we will see on the shelves this coming season.

Let’s start at the beginning, where did the idea for Switchback come from?
Actually it was a couple of TSA riders that removed their highbacks at UK test week a few years ago that got us thinking. We tried it ourselves and thought there was a heap of potential, but also thought that it would be a bit of a leap for a buyer to buy a highbackless binding without first trying it. So we had the idea of shipping with both a highback and no-back insert and developed a tool-less method of changing between them. Then we figured that if a highback could be tool-less, why not everything else? The whole system grew from that initial idea at UK test week!

Is there anything new in the line for 13/14 that you are particularly stoked about?
We've added a size small base and a shorter 'midback' highback option for women and smaller riders. My girlfriend is particularly stoked on that, which makes me stoked! Personally I've been riding the 'c-padding' canted padding option which is great for me because I still rock a semi-wide stance.

Any new tech additions we should look out for in the range next season?
We've made small improvements to almost everything - tighter tolerances, better finishes and some more options. We've taken a popular feature; the pre-curved ankle strap ladder and added it to the toe strap as well, so now both straps stay out of your way for easy entry. We've also improved the no-back lock system. This year it's mostly about perfecting the small things that make your riding day a bit better.

You have a solid team, do these guys have any input into the binding design?
Heaps. We are sending out prototype parts to our team guys all the time. We get great feedback from all of our riders, and nothing gets made until they are stoked on it. Of course the pro-model graphics and team colourways come directly from them too.

Finally, what's your preference? Highback or no back?
I ride both. I always end up with bindings made up of a frankenstein mix of prototype or hacked together test-parts, so I like to test everything with highbacks and without. Generally I go for highbacks for jumping and anything high-speed, no-back on a deep pow day, for mellow mini-shred or messing around

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