After Burton disbanded the UNIC team in 2009 it left some of the world's biggest riders - JP Solberg, Romain de Marchi, DCP and Tadashi Fuse - without a snowboard sponsor. Disillusioned with Big B's decision, they decided that they wanted to be in charge of their own destiny and so YES Snowboards was born.

They teamed up with Swiss giants Nidecker, renowned for their unparalleled snowboard tech, and GST (Global Sports Technology) in Austria to help with design and manufacturing of their first boards. After just one season the guys' passion for snowboarding and determination to create amazing snowboards was getting them some fans and recognition, and they won the coveted Transworld Snowboarding's 'Breakthrough Brand of the Year' award.

Building upon this initial buzz they continued to invest time, money and enthusiasm into research, testing and design - whilst expanding the crew of team riders and increasing the board line-up. Since then, their snowboards have regularly won 'Goodwood' snowboard awards and developed from a cult following to mass appreciation.

Yes Bacountry

2014, and YES move board production to the SWS (Solico Winter Sports) Factory in Dubai. The factory is run by two industry veterans George Cant and John Colvin. Having spent time managing and engineering at Elan and Option the two friends decided they wanted to use their experience in a project of their own. With financial backing from the Silco Group, George and Colin built a world-leading facility that ended up producing snowboards for Arbor, Jones and many more brands. The manufacturers' drive to innovate lined-up perfectly with YES’s vision to create industry-leading boards - a combination that resulted in revolutionary designs like the 20/20 and the 420.

Pro Riders / Team

While the YES professional team remains a relatively exclusive club the brand ambassadors and amateur rider numbers are ever growing and bursting with talent.

Austen Sweetin

  • Pro Years: 8
  • Home: Seattle, Washington
  • Boards: Yes Greats, 420 and Optimistic

Helen Schettini

  • Pro Years: 8
  • Home: Whistler, BC
  • Boards: HEL YES

Justin Mulford

  • Home: Big Bear & Huntington , California
  • Boards: Public

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YES Greats

Man in mons royale outdoor clothing

  • Style: Freestyle/All Terrain
  • Profile: CamRock
  • Flex:Mid/Stiff
  • Base: Sintered

A combination of freestyle agility and big mountain performance, the Greats is ideal for those who want to go fast and big off everything.

It has a Camrock profile - placing camber between the feet and rocker at the tip and tail. This creates better control in turns, more pop for ollies and a hint of playfulness/lift (in deep snow).

Bamboo stringers, tri-ax fibreglass and an asymmetrical sidecut bring more than enough responsiveness to satisfy the most demanding of riders. And if you do want to take it down a notch the slight rocker and twin shape lets you cruise a lap in the park.


YES Greats Snowboard

  • Style: All Terrain
  • Profile: CamRock
  • Flex:Mid/Stiff
  • Base: Sintered

The HEL YES is a directional twin that has plenty of pop and edge hold for women who like to charge around the whole mountain.

This year YES added an ‘Under-Bite’ sidecut to the award winning board, increasing the number of contact points and improving the grip. They decided to retain the tri-ax fibre-glass and bamboo/poplar hybrid core. Both add power, response and control to the board.

YES 20/20

YES 20/20 snowboard

  • Style: Powder/Freestyle
  • Profile: PowHull
  • Flex:Medium
  • Base: Sintered

Short, wide and floaty. The Yes 20/20 makes use of a ‘3D powder hull’ to cruise over deep snow with a lightweight core increasing the floaty feeling. It’s wide design and excellent lift allows you to ride it in a short length - increasing the manoeuvrability.

On the piste the relatively stiff flex and short turning radius allows for aggressive carves and turns. And because it’s a true twin, landing and riding switch is just as much fun as it is riding regular.


3D Powder Hull

Powder Hull Snowboard

A concave and rocker combo at the nose and tail of the board sucks in air/snow at the front (providing lift) and shoots out snow at the tail (dropping the end of the board further into the snow).

Asymmetrical Sidecut

Asymmetrical Snowboard

Because you naturally put more weight/force into a toe edge turn (than a heel edge turn) the snowboard grips more and carves a tighter line. A shorter sidecut radius on the heel edge substitutes this extra pressure and makes the board react the same as a toe turn.

Weightless Core

Weightless Snowbaord Core

Created for their revolutionary 420 and 20/20 the core is made from a mixture of paulownia and poplar. The former is used intermittently along the centre of the board bringing strength and stability. Along the edges of the board low-density popular maintains the flex and saves weight.

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