FATMAP isn't just another snowboard themed app that will clutter up you phone or tablet, it really does bring something useful to the market. FATMAP uses the latest high resolution tri-stereoscopic satellite imagery to create 3D models of the most popular ski areas with a grid resolution of just 2m. This high level of detail, and the ability to move around the 3D world from any angle and distance, will revolutionise how you plan a day out on the slopes, both on and off the piste.

The killer feature is the virtual reality 3D fly-throughs which will help both piste and freeride users plan and experience their routes before heading out and following them easily using GPS-enabled navigation.

Detailed piste mapping can be used to plan a day on the slopes, show the best runs, sunniest areas, top-rated restaurants, viewpoints, plus all the information you’d expect like lift status and weather conditions. It is also the perfect tool for keeping track of where friends or children are with real-time location sharing. And for those keen to record and share their experiences, FATMAP also allows users to record their tracks, stats and create their own unique 3D fly-throughs for sharing on social networks.

For freeriders FATMAP really comes into its own. Classic and established off-piste lines are all marked with detailed information about the route, steepness, length and difficulty. More adventurous skiers will be able to find new and hidden off-piste lines, previously hard to see on a traditional map thanks to the detailed mapping and snow covered imagery.

Additional terrain intelligence information provides essential safety information regarding avalanche risk, crevasse zones and slope gradients so skiers can make better-informed decisions and travel more safely.

Furthermore we are stoked to announce that we are an official FATMAP partners so expect plenty of rad FATMAP related stuff coming your way. For more information or to sign up for more news visit www.fatmap.com

Posted by: Shannon