Want to shred the whole mountain and do it on just one snowboard? Making use of modern materials, technology and manufacturing processes all mountain snowboards offer a blend of performance and playfulness that works well on any terrain.



Salomon Ultimate Ride Salomon Ultimate Ride

  • Profile: Camber
  • Flex: Mid/Stiff
  • Base: Sintered

Built to handle everything, Bode Merill’s pro model performs as good as it looks. Featuring a quad profile the board has a standard camber between the bindings, mellow camber under your feet and a slight rocker at the tip and tail. This produces a board that charges everywhere yet retains enough float to still be fun in powder.

Pushing on flats does not come into the equation with this board; gallium and graphite have been infused into a high-molecular-weight sintered base resulting in a Kessler-like base.

"Really fast and powerful, nice edge to edge with big pop."

Steve : Chester Store



Slash ATV Slash ATV

  • Profile: Camber
  • Flex: Mid/Stiff
  • Base: Sintered

The ATV comes with a directional twin shape making it capable of freestyle tricks whilst remaining easy to turn. Adding to the responsive feel, traditional camber runs the whole length of the board increasing the edge to edge speed.

Along the edges ‘ultimate traction’ creates multiple contact points adding extra bite when carving. At the end of a turn, carbon, Kevlar and basalt stringers slingshot you out, maintaining your speed.

The core of the board is a mixture of high-end woods and re-active flex laminates. The lightweight yet powerful woods produce plenty of pop and the laminates subtly adjust the shape of the board to match the terrain. i.e whilst riding rails the board edges flex up, helping them to not catch.

"The ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) lives up to its name blasting anything in sight!"

Andrew: Aviemore Store



Jones Project X Jones Project X

  • Profile: Camber
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Base: Sintered

Jones Project X is a beast! They have managed to put more technology into it than the Large Hadron Collider.

The impressive core is a lightweight mix of fibreglass, foam and beech stringers sandwiched between (snowboard specific) Textreme carbon fibre laminates. This combo results in a stable, lightweight and lively board.

Jones use their Power Camber profile and magna traction to establish excellent edge control with a new 3D spoon nose assisting a smooth transfer from toe to heel.

"fast as F***, if you want to take on giant features and do it all at hundred miles this is the board for you"

Graham : Milton Keynes Store



YES Standard YES Standard

  • Profile: CamRock
  • Flex: Mid/Stiff
  • Base: Sintered

Pro snowboarders Romain de Marchi and Benji Ritchie blast the whole mountain on the YES Standard - backcountry, booters and groomers, ride it all!

A directional twin shape and slight rocker at the tip and tail lend the snowboard to freestyle runs in powder. Big kickers are not a problem, the core features bamboo Stringers for a lightweight and snappy feel and a tri-ax laminate layer let you crush icy landings. Camber between the bindings allows you to lay down as many Eurocarves as you want providing a stable fun edge hold.

"A really solid board with plenty of pop and a good edge hold."

James : Tamworth Store



Jones Twin Sister Jones Twin Sister

  • Profile: CamRock
  • Flex: Mid
  • Base: Sintered

One of our best sellers for the past few years the Twin Sister combines high-end performance with a playful feel.

A CamRock profile, bamboo stringers and mellow magna-traction ensure that the board can float in powder, pop with ease and hold an edge. It has been made with a progressive sidecut to deliver smooth turn initiation and exit whatever speed you’re travelling at.

In the park the blunt nose makes presses and spins a piece of cake and the 7000 sintered base gives you more than enough of speed for kickers.

"A high-quality board that is packed with features at a very reasonable price!"

Bekki: Chester Store

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