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Aimee Fuller

Aimee Fuller is one of the most exciting talents in women’s snowboarding. She grew up in the South of England, where an early passion for motocross helped her develop a fearless approach to jumps and an ability to compete against boys twice her size.

“We’d go to these meets and it would be me, blonde ponytail out the back of my helmet, and 30 other guys lining up at the start!”.

Like other British snowboarders, Aimee learned to ride on a plastic dry slope near her home in Bromley, but after moving to America at 12 she began lapping the terrain parks of the East Coast and progressed rapidly. A visit to the High Cascade freestyle camp in Oregon saw her catch the eye of one of the coaches, Roxy-pro Erin Comstock, and Roxy have been her main sponsors ever since.

Combining technical tricks with a relaxed, natural style, she has already achieved a string of big results in slopestyle contests across the world. She is totally comfortable going upside down and was one of the first women to land a double backflip. 

Aside from the riding though, Aimee impresses everyone she meets with her humble attitude and infectious enthusiasm. She is a dedicated professional that works hard every winter but never forgets that snowboarding is really only about one thing: fun! 

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