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If you're looking for the ultimate off-piste riding experience, then Bataleon's limited edition Surfer Ltd is the board for you. This upgraded version of what is, without doubt, the best powder board on the market has been designed to deliver a level of performance that will blow the mind of even the most discerning rider. Constructed from the very best materials available, the Surfer Ltd is a no compromise design where performance is the no1 priority. No matter if you're dropping back country powder lines or laying out carves on the piste, the Surfer Ltd will always have you back. Restricted to 75 units world-wide, this stunning version of Bataleon's game-changing Surfer isn't cheap, but the best things in life seldom are.

Rider Style
Experienced riders who are looking for the ultimate in off-piste performance combined with a mind-bending ride on the piste.

Shape Overview
When you first set eyes on the Surfer Ltd, there's no doubt that you'll want one, it is that special. However, there's more to that stunning shape than just aesthetics. Described by the factory as the most complex shaped snowboard they've ever built, the Surfer Ltd's directional swallow profile has been designed to deliver the ultimate in performance. Its wide profile nose gives a level of lift and float at the front end that is nothing short of incredible. The fact it does this without being long and unwieldy is a testament to just how innovative the Surfer Ltd's design is. Now at the tail, Bataleon fit a very complex swallow, this sinks the back of the board in deep snow, but more importantly, it also works in harmony with the Surfer Ltd's tight sidecut to power up the tail of the board in the carve.

The Surfer Ltd utilises Bataleon's Pow 3BT profile with SideKick technology. This unique shape combines a narrow centre base section with wider, longer and higher side base upturns at the nose. This gives unrivalled float at the front end, while the added upturn of the Sidekicks gives lightning fast turn engagement. At the tail, the shorter and less pronounced side base upturns are integrated into the swallowtail sections giving the board stunning response when steering off the back of the board in the pow or when driving out of turns on groomers. This is all then matched with a mellow traditional camber profile to step up control and response and to give the board that added stability at speed that you only really get with camber.

Side Kicks
SideKick increases the side base uplift just outside the widest part of the nose and tail, making turn initiation smoother, increasing float in powder and improves handling of the board in rough terrain.

Internally Bataleon doesn't hold back when it comes to what's inside the Surfer Ltd, and that's one of the reasons why it performs so well even away from the backcountry. Heading up the high-end construction is the all-new Ultra-Light Core. Combining poplar and paulownia to create a featherweight backbone for the board, it delivers the perfect balance of weight, strength and durability. To this Bataleon's engineers then add their DRST carbon tubes technology. This inserts snappy carbon tubes into pre-milled pockets that mimic the geometry of the sidecut. These power up the board through the turn, delivering a level of response and control that is nothing short of intoxicating. To this, Bataleon then adds structural layers formed from their exclusive Tri-Ax + glass fibre. These create a powerful torsional flex which energises the board. Additional carbon stringers running from under the insets out to the contact points at both the tip and tail, step up that power another notch.

To ensure that the Surfer Ltd performs at the highest level, Bataleon fit it with their high-performance Ultra Glide S base. This super tough maximum molecular weight base material hauls ass as well as being super tough.

Additional information


Waist Width



Effective Edge

Tip Width

Tail Width

Min Stance

Max Stance


Weight Range











155-195+lbs / 70-88+kg

  • Pow 3BT with SideKicks
  • Swallow Directional Shape
  • Traditional Camber
  • Stiffness 5/10
  • Directional Flex
  • Ultra-Light Core
  • D.R.S.T Carbon Tubes
  • Tri-Ax Glass
  • Carbon Stringers
  • Ultra Glide S Base
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