Snowboard boots! If you snowboard then you know how important it is to get them right. 8 hours on the hill with foot pain is enough to put you off snowboarding for life. If you’re new to snowboarding then this will be your most important purchase.

We always recommend coming in to one of our stores to try boots on before you buy, so that our expert staff can help you make the right choice, and find the boots that suit your feet and riding style. Always consider the following when you’re buying snowboard boots:

Make time for trying on several pairs. Try to avoid coming in 5 minutes before we close and buying the first pair you see.

Different brands will fit differently. Even different models of the same brand can differ in width or flex.

Just because you’re a size 9 in your work shoes doesn't mean you’re a 9 in every snowboard boot. To be sure we’ll measure your feet in store.

When you come into one of our stores we will have a look at the shape of your foot. Is it wide? Do you have a high instep? Our experienced staff will give you a head start on which boots to look at first. Remember though, it’s fit first people! Boots are hidden away under bindings, pants and snow most of the time, so they rarely make an appearance anyway.

What kind of boot do you need? You need a boot that reflects your riding and the rest of your set up. A super soft boot inside a super stiff binding is a mismatch in our opinion. If you’re just learning you may prefer a softer, more forgiving ride. If you ride fast or need more ankle support you may prefer a stiffer boot. But at the end of the day it’s best to have a chat with us, try on different boots and get them expertly fitted to your feet… it makes such a difference!

To help you to understand our boot range we have given each boot a description of its use and also a performance rating, these will help you decide if the boot suits your own riding style and also give you an idea into how responsive it is: 1 for soft and forgiving, 10 for aggressive and responsive. Check out our technical guide for more information.



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