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Switchback Park Strife Takeover

Switchback Park Strife Takeover
24 June 2013 No comments

For all fans in the UK, Switchback are taking over Parkstrife at Snozone Castleford this Friday (28th June).

As well as designing the whole course, there will be a casual competition on the two main obstacles with THREE sets of Switchbacks up for grabs for the best un-sponsored riders! They have a set of the all-new small sized baseplates for the best young gun, a lady combo for the best female and a regular set of medium sized bindings!

Switchback UK riders Gaz Andrews, Matt Macwhirter and Thrashmore will be on hand to shred and call the comp, with a bit of help from TSA's own Jonny Russell.

The course has been designed with top to bottom runs in mind. On the rookie side of the slope, there will be a banked slopestyle course, with burmed corners separating box and rail obstacles that will not be set up pointing straight down the slope as normal. So even if the rookie line is all you ride, it is still worth a check out!

On the other side, the top half of the slope is given over to an angled spine and a mogul field to get those legs pumping. The bottom half is the “Switchback Creative Suite”; a special set up for the competition. We will build a kicker off the flat section into a boxed out and spined landing. This will be possible to ride like a decent sized straight jump or a front- or back-side hip. It will also be possible to land into the centre section. On the drawing below, all hatched regions are transitions and the thick black lines are plastic copings. In total it will be around 5 meters square.

The bottom obstacle will be a rail obstacle with hipped sides, part of the stair set including the down rail, with two flat bars along the top and set back kickers. It will be possible to gap from the hips to both the flat bars and the down rail and even over the flat to the down rail.

The competition will start at 20:00, anyone without a binding sponsor who wants to ride in the comp needs to make themself known at the obstacles before 20:00. They will take your name and give you a numbered helmet sticker.

With so many options on the course, a 90 minute jam session will run 20:00-21:30 with the three most creative riders being awarded a set of bindings for their efforts. Creative means landing cool tricks, choosing sweet lines and riding the course in your own way. Gonzilla TV will be making an edit of proceedings for Switchback to run on their Facebook page so your glory line could be viewed by thousands!

If you are in Yorkshire this Friday, fancy riding a fun set up and need a new set of bindings, then head to Park Strife. It’s even open until midnight. BOOM! See you there.