Jones Men's Mountain Surfer 2018 / 2019 Snowboard

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The new Mountain Surfer is a next level powder board built to surf the earth without bindings. Surf shaper Chris Christenson and Jeremy Jones completely redesigned the Mountain Surfer using new materials plus 3D contours that draw from the same hydro dynamic principles Chris uses to design surf boards. The Mountain Surfer’s complex contours include a Spoon nose for float, a 3D centre hull for improved glide and 3D stepped edges for turn precision. The Mountain Surfer has a sintered p-tex base and a wood core but no metal edges or binding inserts. To keep you attached after a closeout barrel, the Mountain Surfer includes a foam deck pad and leash.

Rider Style
Anyone looking for the ultimate in surf snow freedom.

The new Mountain Surfer was hand shaped by Christenson using the same traditional techniques many surfboard moulds are made with. Chris shaped the 3D bottom contours out of a foam surfboard blank, then laminated the foam with several layers of fiberglass. Once the fiberglass was dry, he ground out the foam, leaving behind the fiberglass in the exact shape he desired. The fiberglass board was then CNC scanned to produce a 3D digital file. Snowboard moulds were then made with the digital file and the Mountain Surfer was pressed in those moulds using traditional snowboard materials including a wood core, abs sidewalls and a sintered base.

The Mountain Surfer has the most complex 3D bottom contours of any board in the Jones line.
All of these hand shaped 3D contours are found in Chris Christenson's fastest gliding surfboard
models and proven in waves around the world. The Spoon nose is bevelled up 12mm at the
edges for buttery turn initiation and fluid edge to edge energy transfer. A concave 5mm speed
channel runs down the centre of the board and helps eliminate wobble and improve glide by
pushing loose snow out from under the board. On each side of the Speed Channel are convex "catamarans" that run the length of the board. The Catamarans are the high points of the base that
the board planes on. Just beyond the catamarans are concave rails that act as additional channels for pushing snow out through the tail instead of the side of the board. The parallel orientation of the convex catamarans and the concave rails form a stepped edge that delivers substantial edging power without the need for a metal edge.


  • Christenson Surf Rocker
  • Full Poplar Wood Core
  • Waxed Sintered Base
  • Bi-Ax Fibreglass
  • Recycled Black ABS
  • Thin Durable Top Sheet
  • 3D Pad with Tail kick
  • Leash with Carabiner
  • M6 Insert for leash attachment

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