Mammut Pulse Barryvox Transceiver

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The Pulse Barryvox is an accurate 3-antenna transceiver that offers users the choice of either a basic or advanced user profile, giving the option to customise the information supplied. The basic profile has been designed to be simple and easy to use, while the advanced profile gives the option of both digital and analogue modes as well as manual options for multi-burial scenarios. Additionally in the advanced mode you can take advantage of the 'vital data' that the Pulse can detect and transmit to other Pulse units. The Pulse has highly sensitive sensors that detect subtle motion of the body and transmit this info to compatible units. Pulse units receiving this info then categorise multi-burials in terms of survivability, the idea being that you prioritise victims showing signs of life.

Maximum range


Analogue search strip width


Digital search strip width


Battery type

Alkaline 3 x AAA 1.5 volt

Battery life

250 hours

  • 3-antenna device with digital and analogue modes
  • 3 antennas for simple pinpointing in close range and for deeply buried victims
  • Digital signal processing in the event of several buried victims
  • Acoustic search guidance
  • Intuitive and easy operation with clear instructions and a fully graphic display
  • Fast and precise navigation thanks to a 360° real-time directional display
  • Analogue search using acoustic signal playback via an integrated loudspeaker
  • Overview of distance, direction and number of victims, including selection of search objects by manual scrolling in the list of victims
  • Reverse direction function
  • Marking of found victims (mark) and removal of previously set markers (unmark)
  • Intelligent group test
  • Automatic self-test on start up
  • 3D movement sensor to analyse and transmit vital data
  • Automatic switching without user intervention from search to send mode based on a 3D movement sensor
  • Two-button operation, suitable for use with gloves
  • Operation with alkaline (LR03/AAA) or lithium (L92/AAA) batteries
  • Battery life: Alkaline: on average 250 hours SEND, at least 200 hours SEND, followed by 1 hour SEARCH
  • W-Link: Additional communication channel for improved search performance
  • Scalable software platform; easy updating, configuration and testing via the W-Link
  • Dimensions: 27mm (h), 75mm (w), 113mm (l)