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  • Steve Bailey


    Store: CHESTER

    Amongst the snowboarding community, Steve needs no introduction. One of the most celebrated riders in the UK, he’s been snowboarding for twenty-three years, and as a professional for twenty-one years, during which time he has been caught in an avalanche, and won ten British titles.

    Needless to say Steve is a font of knowledge on all things snowboard, he’s visited most resorts in Europe, the States and Canada, and he features annually in the Snowboard Asylum catalogue.

    Favourite Place/Resort:

    Chamonix. “I lived there for 10 years, so this has to go down as my favourite place to snowboard.”

  • Manchester 130 Deansgate

  • Simon Foster

    Castleford - Leeds


    Homegrown snowboard Expert Simon has spent ten years on snow, taking it up when Castleford Xscape first opened. For six of those he has been sponsored by Salomon Snowboards and Bonfire, winning and placing in the UK and abroad.

    As well as countless hours spent riding Castleford, Simon has completed winters in Morzine, Lake Tahoe, Bear Mountain and  Mayrhofen as well as working three seasons with Ellis Brigham and TSA. Simon’s also a talented snowsports cameraman, and has filmed parts for UK snowboard movies and edits.

    They say Simon owns the biggest T-shirts in Cas Vegas, which makes him pretty easy to identify if you need a hand with snowboard hardware!

    Favourite Place/Resort:

    Bear Mountain, California. "Fun jibs, chilled people, and great vibes. Otherwise I love to shred Tamworth with my mate Doug!"

  • Sophie Patterson


    Store: CHESTER

    Snowboard expert and assistant store manager Sophie began surfing at just 9 years old. Blessed with having a family caravan at Abersoch on the Llyn Peninsula, she grew up with boardsports in the bays and coves of North Wales. The next logical step was to take up snowboarding. "Surfing in North Wales in January was definitely good preparation for some of the harsher weather conditions found on the mountain!". Now with over ten years' experience in the mountains under her belt, she is a great source of advice for those looking to progress their riding.

    "Having spent 6 years working in the snowsports industry I like to think I've picked up a fair amount of knowledge along the way", she says. "Working with the father of British snowboarding Steve Bailey all that time has definitely helped improve my knowledge of all things snowboard. In this time I've been on multiple board tests and heard first hand from the manufacturers what makes these boards so great."

    "The moments that stick out for me are usually when I'm out of my comfort zone and my adrenaline is high. I remember attempting my first powder run in Bansko, I had never experienced that type of snow before and that many obstacles! The feeling of pushing myself through the pow and between the trees was the best thrill I've ever had."

    Favourite Place/Resort:

    Bansko, Bulgaria. "Instead of the well trodden runs of France and Austria, I’ve honed my skills on the slopes of eastern Europe. The mountains of Bulgaria have been my training ground where it’s easy to break away from the crowds and find untracked snow."

  • Abbie Montgomery



    How long have you been doing your activity for? When did you start

    "I started snowboarding over 11 years ago. "

    List three or four facts that make you an 'expert' in your fields – i.e. qualifications/awards/experience etc.

    "I have been snowboarding every year, mostly with people that like to hang out in the powder for most of the day. I have started to find my feet more in park in recent years and have helped some family and friends find their feet on the piste too, it's a great feeling to share your love of a sport with people who then find out they love it as much as you do! "

    Any interesting relevant facts about yourself – unbelievable anecdotes, stand-out moments or notable achievements doing your activity of expertise?

    "I did once dress up for a university trip as a penguin, after being convinced to pull the hood up I had fairly restricted vision on the slope, I caught an edge and fell a fair way down a red run on my front, needless to say the Gopro footage was erased immediately. "

    What's your favourite destination/resort/challenge to carry out your expert activity? Why?

    "My Favourite resort so far has been Courchevel, the three vallees lift pass gives you a fun challenge to see how much you can complete in a day, it also means you end up racing to catch all the last lifts back over but you feel like you've really got the most out of the day. "

    What are your aims this season? (Any challenges/competitions/tricks to master/expeditions, etc)

    "After just getting a back protector, and some extra padding I will definitely be testing them out with some more spins and tricks this coming season."