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2018 Snowboard Outerwear Technologies

2018 Snowboard Outerwear Technologies
16 October 2017 No comments

Everyone wants a rad looking snowboard jacket and pants but having a set-up that keeps you dry, warm and comfortable is also pretty good. This year, outerwear companies must have been listening-in to TSA HQ because they have managed to deliver on both counts.

Here’s a breakdown of the best tech and steez we found for this upcoming season.

Burton AK


The AK range is one of the most reliable and iconic clothing ranges in snowboarding. It fuses 40 years of snowboarding with GORE-TEX fabric for a winning combo.

The Swash Jacket (below) features GORE-TEX 2L fabric. The GORE-TEX membrane is bonded to an outer layer, and a drop lining protects it on the inside. This membrane stops water and wind from getting in while letting hot air and moisture escape.

Burton Swash


In 2011, Burton asked bluesign to help them make their products more people and earth friendly. This ethos has slowly but surely filtered into most of their jackets (including the Swash).

"We see bluesign as the gold standard for ensuring that our products are free from hazardous chemicals and are made as responsibly as possible, using fewer natural resources whenever possible and cleaning our waste streams in the manufacturing process as much as possible."

Ali Kenney, Director of Global Sustainability, Burton Snowboards



This winter DC have really stepped up their game and introduced ‘Sympatex’ to their Command Jacket and Nomad Pant. This new wonder material is 100% waterproof and windproof while remaining breathable.

DC Command Jacket

As well as keeping you dry and comfortable the material has a whole host of eco-friendly credentials.

  • Their DWR treatment has some of the lowest levels of pollutants in the industry.
  • The membrane of their fabric is 100% recyclable ( the same as any PET plastic bottle).
  • During production, they have minimised the CO2 footprint of the product, and any excess is offset with their climate partner.
  • The company is part of SAC (Sustainable Apparel Collective) committing it to an efficient and sustainable supply chain.

Sympatex diagram


Living Lining

Burton have designed this fabric system in-house, and it is aimed at those riders who are looking for high performance but at a slightly lower price. It combines a waterproof shell with breathable insulation to keep you dry and warm, without overheating.

The Breach Jacket (below) features the living Liner.

Breach Snowboard Jacket