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Aimee Fuller's Winter Olympics

Aimee Fuller's Winter Olympics
27 February 2014 No comments

We are so stoked of what TSA rider Aimee Fuller achieved in Sochi, she went all out. We caught up with Aimee to get a little insight into what the Olympics in Sochi were like for her.

"So the Olympics, I had no idea what to expect. Having qualified two weeks before the games, going straight into X games, one day at home and then I was off. The village was crazy, just arriving to a completely brand new complex, literally just a village plonked on the side of the mountain and everything is brand new, no one had ever lived, used or even walked or showered or deposited their load in the toilets in our rooms! Team GB had three houses, Freestyle so, the skiers and us the snowboarders, along with Chemmy Alcott had our own crib! Next to us the bobsled boys and medical, and the next one down was the Skeleton team along with the team GB HQ. We probably had the best zone in the village right in the middle of everything, Team Australia opposite and Canada just across the road, with the food hall to our left and the slopestyle course to our right we were central to it all.

The course was insane, probably one of the biggest courses I have ever ridden at the start it was a little sketchy but it all soon got road in and it was actually awesome riding such a big progressive course with the boys and I think it really was a good display of our sport. My approach was the go big or go home, I didn't quite get my run clean which meant I missed out on the finals, but It really was a unique experience, being out there and being part of our 4 man slope team. I can honestly say I didn't know what to expect and I came away feeling really positive about the Olympics and what it has done for our sport, see you at the next one in 2018."