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Behind The Brand - NOW

Behind The Brand - NOW
27 June 2013 No comments

We caught up with JF Pelchat the inventor of the NOW binding and picked his brains about the brand, new tech and what we will see on the shelves this coming season.

Let’s start at the beginning, where did the idea for NOW come from? The idea originally came from my garage around 7 years ago. was looking at other board sports and how they use their heel and toe to make a turn, ultimately skateboarding made the most sense with the moving part of the truck so I decided to fuse that with a snowboard binding and the skate tech design was born.

Is there anything new in the line for 13/14 that you are particularly stoked about? I am really stoked on the all new Drive binding with the Flipit straps and the new Select binding with the options of rocking a regular highback or a highcup.

Any new tech additions we should look out for in the range next season?A new freestyle/freeride highback on the Drive, the new 3D straps on the Select and the Drive are the bomb and we have overhauled all the bindings with new ratchets and ladders.

What are the benefits of NOW over other bindings on the market? Well to start you get less foot fatigue, they are more comfortable, more responsive and still super playful. This binding was designed to turn a snowboard.

You have a solid team, do these guys have any input into the binding design? My riders are all an integral part of the R&D and the validation of new parts and new designs.

Finally, what binding in the range do you ride? This winter, I rode them all. The IPO is my everyday cruiser, the Drive is my backcountry slayer and the Select is the perfect choice for when I want to rock the highcup in the no back mode for pow and rails