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Behind The Brand - Signal

Behind The Brand - Signal
18 November 2013 No comments

We caught up with Dave Lee, snowboard legend and the man behind Signal snowboards. We picked his brains about the brand, new tech and what we will see on the shelves this coming season.

Hi Dave, is there anything new in the line for 13/14 that you are particularly stoked about? Definitely excited about the new Decades.

Any new tech additions we should look out for in the range next season? Freedom Machines are all new molds, new construction and new shapes. The core is special as well and designed with Danimals and Jake OE to have a little more thickness between the feet to take some of the impact in the streets. The core then thins back out towards the tip and tail and it just has a nice overall flex.

Graphically what is your favourite board in the line?
I like the black Decades. We were inspired by Doc at Surf Prescriptions and built this cool spin art table at the factory, so every top sheet is an original and handpainted. I should also mention the Decade is getting an updated super-light core that we're really happy with.

Every Third Thursday (E.T.T) seems to be going from strength to strength, where do you guys get the inspiration for the builds from?
We get most of the inspiration now from just thinking about what experience we would like to have, or where we'd like to ride one, or even from others that email us or meet us with cool ideas they'd like to see done. We have a list of at least 50 we'd still like to get to.

Does anything you learn from E.T.T ever make it into the Signal snowboards that we see in store?
Absolutely, most of the cores have been changed over the years because of ETT, including that spruce I was talking about in the Decade. We've changed our resin formula recently and we are currently working on a handful of new materials that will add a little excitement to the future production here at Signal. Some cool shit going down!

Finally, will we see you guys on our shore anytime soon?
Yes, let's make that happen, it's been too long.