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Cool Carving

Cool Carving
9 January 2018 No comments

From the early days of the Snurfer and Tom Sims and Jake Burton a few years later, snowboarding has always been about emulating surfing on snow. The introduction of metal edges, in the late 80’s, transitioned this to the piste with a new-found grip on hard packed snow.

This surfing-like experience is one much loved by riders around the world and may have been slightly lost in the early 90’s and 2000’s with the introduction terrain parks and street riding but the simple carve is now back on the agenda in a big way.

Euro Carve

Much like fashion, snowboard tricks and style tend to go full circle and eventually come back on trend. The euro carve is one of these tricks that’s become a regular feature on the slopes over the past few years.

The Nidecker team get tech on some euro carves around resort

Banked Slalom Events

The resurgence of banked Slalom events, like Baker Banked Slalom and others, have become more and more popular as a fun way to kick off the season and bring the snowboarding community together. Whether it’s building the course, raising money for charity or seeing who has the fastest time it’s a great way to spend a few days.

Burton Explain why the Baker Banked Slalom is legendary

Snowboard Design

This passion for carving turns has led to a demand for snowboards that let riders excel at this. These snowboards tend to be directional, full camber boards that have an aggressive sidecut. Nidecker’s Concept and Bataleon’s Carver are prime examples of this.