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Develop Your Snowboarding Skills With Jenny Jones

Develop Your Snowboarding Skills With Jenny Jones
29 September 2017 No comments

The Snowboard Asylum are stoked to announce that we are the official retail partner for Jenny Jones Workshops.

This winter, Olympic Bronze medalist Jenny Jones is inviting intermediate and advanced snowboarders to join her on a selection of unique snowboarding workshops in the French Alps. Riders will snowboard and hang out with Jenny and her team for a week, immersing themselves in her snowboarding world and learning how to be better and more confident riders in the process.

“These mountain adventures are all about giving people an amazing experience, and helping riders of all levels to develop their snowboarding skills and confidence,” Jenny

jenny jones

Jenny has assembled a crack team to work with her including renowned British snowboard coach Neil McNair, Level 4 snowboard coach James Sweet, fellow Olympian and certified personal trainer Ben Kilner, her personal sports psychologist Louise Jones and resident mountain yogi Sian Leigh. Together with Jenny, they will help workshop clients to improve their technique, bring confidence to their riding and provide the physical and mental tools to take their riding to the next level.

“Maybe you need to get past a mental block, overcome a particular fear or just want to hone some rad snowboard skills for your next trip. Whatever your snowboarding goals, we’ll help you reach them” says Jones

Riders can choose from three different workshops:

A pre-season snowboard & fitness workshop in Tignes

Gym and snowboarding

A fantastic, early season opportunity to work on your technical snowboard skills, develop your snowboard fitness and enjoy a fun four days of shredding before Christmas! To maximize progression, snowboard techniques learnt on the mountain during the day will be followed up with an off-snow, targeted gym session with Jenny’s fellow Olympian and personal trainer Ben Kilner. At the end of the workshop, Ben will put together a bespoke snowboard-specific training plan to prepare you for your next trip to the mountains. You will be a stronger rider, more in control, less tired, more confident and will have style for miles!

A Snowboard & Mindset workshop in Sainte Foy

jenny jones workshop

A winter week to develop your snowboarding and progress your mindset. The workshop will focus on the aspects, which Jenny believes are central to progressing your snowboarding: The riding itself; the psychology behind a successful performance; and the importance of looking after your body through restorative yoga sessions.

A Snowboard, Backcountry & Yoga Workshop in Sainte Foy

Yoga and backcountry snowboarding

To discover more of the wonderful world that is the backcountry. Take the skills you have learnt on-piste and learn how to adapt and develop them on different types of off-piste terrain. There will be a variety of hiking and split boarding plus time dedicated to avalanche safety training and of course some much needed restorative yoga sessions.

More information / bookings:

Visit: www.workshopbyjennyjones.com

Email: info@workshopbyjennyjones.com