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How to plan for driving to the Alps?

How to plan for driving to the Alps?
27 October 2020

If the current state of the world thanks to COVID-19 puts you off from flying out to the mountains this season, then winter 2021 could be the year to drive there instead. Taking a road trip to the Alps is quicker and easier than you might think.

We have put together an in-depth video guide to show you how simple driving out to the mountains really is. Our own Jeremy Sladen shares the knowledge he has gained from years of driving to the Alps. He covers everything you will need to bring and breaks down his favourite routes to France and Austria which can also be used as a basis for driving out to Switzerland and Italy.

To summarise, here is our list of reasons why we think everyone should consider driving to the Alps this winter.

Limiting contact

One of the main positives of driving this winter in particular is the lack of contact with other people. You are fully in charge of how much you mingle with anyone outside your party. Driving in many ways can be a safer option right now or at least can put your mind at ease.

Freedom & flexibility

With access to your own vehicle comes a lot more flexibility. You are not limited to a single resort or tied down by flight schedules upon arrival and departure. If another resort nearby has better snow, you have the option to drive over there for a day. Also, if the weather is not great anywhere close, you could take some time off from snow activities to explore the Alpine villages and cities.


Airlines these days can charge extra for ski carriage amongst many other basic services and these can easily add up. Airport transfers are not always included either so driving yourself could end up costing significantly less than flying.

Fun & stress-free

Traveling on planes and coaches can often be the worst part of any holiday. Who wants to stress about airport transfers and their brand new snowboard getting lost when they are trying to enjoy a well-deserved holiday? We definitely would rather blast our favourite tunes in the car with just our family and friends and stop for food wherever and whenever we feel like it.