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Storing Your Kit Over Summer

Storing Your Kit Over Summer
6 July 2018 No comments

As the snow melts away for another season one of the most asked questions we get from our customers is how they should store their snowboard gear over the summer months. If you follow these simple steps you’ll be sure that when you next head off riding your gear will be ready to go and in great condition.

Snowboard Storage

A snowboard on wood

Be sure to dry off you board before you store it away otherwise you’ll be greeted with rusty edges next time you go snowboarding. Next give it a quick inspection, check the base, edges and sidewalls. If you see any base gouges or dings you can always drop it into one of our workshops for repair and end of season service.

If all’s looking good you can apply a thick hot wax to the base to keep it well waxed over summer, come winter all you need to do is go over the base again with the waxing iron then let it cool, scrape and structure. If you don’t have servicing kit fear not just drop it into any of our stores and our workshop crew will take care of it for you. Store your board in a dry place and don’t pile a tonne of old magazines on top of it!

Snowboard Boot Storage

 snowboard boots

Make sure your boots, liners and foot beds are totally dry before you stash them away, otherwise next time you wear them you may be greeted by an unwelcome kitty litter tray stench. Let your boots air and dry making sure not to put them next to a direct heat source as this may affect the liners. Lace the liner and outer and store in a dry place, avoid chucking a tonne of stuff on top of your boots as this can distort the shell and liner, especially if they are hibernating for nine months.

Snowboard Binding Storage

snowboard bindings on wood

Not much to worry about here, remove bindings from your board and check over the bindings for any damage and wear, you can always get replacement ladders and buckles if needed. Most importantly keep all the insert discs, screw and bolts together with the bindings. This will save you pulling your hair out the day before you go off snowboarding trying to remember where you stashed them.

Snowboard Outerwear Storage

Snowboard jacket

Over a winter season your outerwear will pick up dirt, grime and soak up sweat. All of which can reduce the performance of the garments waterproofing and breathability.

Dont' worry:
You can rejuvenate your outerwear at home with a specific tech wash and water proofer.

Following these simple steps means that next time you go snowboarding your kit will be in optimum condition.