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Top 5 Park Snowboards 2017

Top 5 Park Snowboards 2017
25 October 2016 No comments

Butters, rails, boxes, kickers, pipes, jibs, presses, backflips, spins, frontflips, bonks or wall rides. Whatever you do in the park, having a snowboard that can take a beating, flex and still have plenty of pop is going to make it a lot more fun and let you progress faster. Introducing five of our finest...



Bataleon She W 

  • Profile: Camber/3BT
  • Flex: Soft/Mid
  • Base: Extruded

One of the most popular snowboards in the women's line up the Bataleon She W is a true-twin high end park board. It combines a soft flex with Bataleon's TBT technology and carbon fibre reinforcement to create a fun yet poppy board.

Other premium components include a super slick X base, beech core stringers and blunt tail/tail for controlled spins.

"The board looks great, kills it in the park and is stable enough to ride on the rest of the mountain."

Kate: Westfield Store



Burton name Dropper

  • Profile: Flat
  • Flex: Mid
  • Base: Sintered

New last year, the updated version of the Name Dropper is even better than its predecessor. Bringing tri-ax rather than bi-ax glass and 'Fillet-O-flex' tech into the equation the board has even more stability and control.

A flat profile allows for easy turns whether you're flat out or just cruising around. It also helps with locking into rails and powerful ollies.

Inside, the wood core has thick and thin zones that allow for easy presses, and the off-axis design enable you to control the board from an asymmetrical position.

"Really fast and fun to ride rails on, I had a lot of confidence riding this board."

Adam : Castleford Store



Slash Spectrum

  • Profile: Flat
  • Flex: Soft/Mid
  • Base: Sintered

Jib and rail focused the Spectrum has toned down from last year for a softer more playful feel that has been well received by all that have ridden it. The board still retains the ever popular reactive-flex which pulls the edges away from rails and then helps dig them into the snow when turning - it is subtle, but you get the best of rocker and camber.

The impressive core is a lightweight mix of fibreglass, foam and beech stringers sandwiched between (snowboard specific) Textreme carbon fibre laminates. This combo results in a stable, lightweight and lively board.

A flat profile provides further control and stability with the added bonus of ultimate-traction edges enabling a fast change of direction. The low profile blunt nose and tail support easy presses and spins with sintered base bringing plenty of speed to the party.

"It does what it says on the tin - urban rail slayer."

Lewis : Milton Keynes



Bataleon Evil Twin

  • Profile: Camber/TBT
  • Flex: Mid
  • Base: Sintered

One of the first and best snowboards from Bataleon the Evil Twin is a well-known classic for many reasons. This year's edition of the board features further improvements to the stability in the form of basalt stringers under the bindings improving torsional strength.

It has a medium flex that is soft enough to enjoy laps through the park all day long yet when taken onto the rest of the mountain you can rip along with any of your friends. A wide-base TBT pattern provides further stability / lift and it's all topped off with a solid sintered base.

"Fun to ride as ever, Bataleon have somehow managed to make it even better."

Danny : Castlefield Store



YES Public

  • Profile: FlatRock
  • Flex: Mid
  • Base: Extruded

YES collaborated with pro riders Justin Mulford and Austen Sweetin to develop the 'Public' into a rail-riding demon that the average guy like you or me can still enjoy. It comes with a flatrock profile to avoid hang-ups on rails whilst remain stable over snow.

An ingenious variable core gives the snowboard a soft flex between the bindings whilst a slightly thicker area after the bindings adds muscle to ollies. The nose and tail have a slightly blunted shape and flat kick bottom making butters child's play.

"Smooth, effortless laps in the park with enough snap to get onto any rail."

Simon: Castleford Store

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