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Why Go Snowboarding In Spring

14 June 2019 No comments
Why Go Snowboarding In Spring

A few runs may be closed and the snow quality can be questionable but spring is still one of the best times to go snowboarding. Here's a few of reasons why we love shredding in spring.


Sunny ski resort

It's almost always sunny in resorts at spring, meaning you can ditch the heavy jacket and goggles for a hoodie and a pair of sunnies.


a snowboarder on a rail

You may struggle to get enough speed to clear kickers but afternoon sessions in the park are a great opportunity for progression.

Quiet hill

a skateboarder sat by himself

The peak period for winter has passed and you'll find the runs/park a lot quieter – so expect short lift ques and plenty of space.

Beginner friendly

a snowboard and instructor practicing a trick

The warm weather soon soften ups the snow for gentle landings; giving confidence to beginners.

End of season snowfall


Despite the warm and sunny weather there is normally a last hurrah of snow; so if you get lucky there is the chance of some bluebird powder days.


a bbq

With the good weather comes BBQ’s and après on the slopes not forgetting end of season parties and festivals - resorts take on different atmosphere with everyone more relaxed and looking to summer. Also, bars will often discount drinks and food to get rid of any remaining stock.


mountain biking

Once you’re finished on the hill, most resorts have plenty of other activities to do now the snow and ice has disappeared.

  • fishing
  • mountain biking
  • trampolining
  • swiming
  • skate park
  • kayaking
  • rafting
  • rock climbing
  • golf

Cheap Accommodation and transfers

a hotel sign

Hotels are often struggling to fill rooms at the end of the season and there are less guests to look after so companies are competing for your business. There are some great deals to be found, especially when booking last-minute.

Bargain boards

snowbaord salae in tents

Spring is your chance to grab a bargain on this season's gear and boards with most shops in sale by this time of the year.

Take a look at what essential gear you need for riding in spring conditions.