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World Snowboard Day

World Snowboard Day
20 January 2017 No comments

Launched back in 2006, World Snowboard Day celebrates snowboarding as a sport and culture - encouraging participation and highlighting the effects of global warming.

More than 500,000 people have taken part in this event over the 11 years it has been running. This year is looking better than ever with more pro snowboarders supporting the day and becoming ambassadors for the project.

Unfortunately there are no official events in the UK this time round. But there's no reason you can't go and celebrate the day with a shred at your local dome or dryslope. (If you’re in the north west it’s worth checking out the Boobytrap crew who are running one of their freestyle coaching nights, this sunday, at the Chillfactore).

We’ve got you a short movie to get you hyped for Sunday, featuring some of the best UK riders destroying, dryslope, domes and the real stuff. And if you happen to watch it today during the last few hours of work... we won’t tell, if you don’t.