Ortovox S1+ Transceiver

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Regardless of whether you end up above or under the snow following an avalanche, the S1+ from Ortovox makes the most out of the situation. Buried under an avalanche it will help you be found faster thanks to its Smart-Antenna-Technology; above an avalanche the display gives you full control of the search situation so that you can find victims quicker. The S1+'s intuitive search mode is activated by simply flipping open the unit and then it's just a case of following the clear on-screen instructions. Smart-Antenna-Technology enables the unit to recognise the position it is in and automatically switch to the antenna that offers the best signal for searching transceivers to pick up.

Additional information

Number of antennas


Receiver type


Maximum range


Maximum search strip width


Marking function


Battery life (in transmission)

250 hours

  • Digital 3-antenna device
  • Automatic switchover in case of a secondary avalanche
  • Intuitive search acoustics
  • Visual support at fine search
  • Smart-Antenna-Technology
  • Permanent monitoring of the transmitter
  • Marking (flagging) function
  • Overview including burial position
  • Parallel team search in multi-burial
  • Partner check
  • Deep burial mode
  • Pro mode for complex burial (4+)
  • Inclinometer
  • Individual speaker configuration
  • Display of all victims
  • Self-test
  • Recco Reflector Inside
  • Up-Box update compatible
  • Comfortable bag and hand loop
  • Battery type: Alkaline 2 x AAA Micro 1.5 volt
  • Dimensions: 12cm x 8cm x 3cm
  • Weight: 230g (including batteries)