Ride Machete Snowboard 2021

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The 2021 Ride Machette has earned itself an enviable reputation as being one of the best freestyle inspired all-terrain boards on the market. Its combination of advanced design and high-end construction delivers a stunning ride, not only in the park but over the whole mountain. Built around a state of the art blunt profile twin-tip shape, the Machete features Ride’s Twin Hybrid Rocker profile. This combination delivers a balanced and predictable ride, stepping up control and feel when riding regular, switch or spinning of hits and kickers. However, it’s when you look what’s inside the Machete, that it becomes clear just how special this board is. Utilising some of the most advanced construction in its category, the Machete is elevated from just another freestyle board to one of the best performing boards in its class, while embarrassing many all-terrain specialised boards.

Rider Style: Freestyle all-terrain riders.

Advanced to expert freestyle riders who are looking for a versatile board that will deliver no matter the conditions or terrain.

Shape Overview: Twin Tip

The Machete’s twin tip shape features a reduced swing weight blunt tip and tail design. This fully balanced form reduces weight at the extremities of the board, stepping up rider control and feel. The advanced Quadratic sidecut blends three different radii to improve turn initiation/exit while providing the best grip possible. This design is uniquely formulated for the Machete to deliver the ultimate balance of freestyle and all-terrain performance.

Profile: Twin Hybrid Rocker

The Machete’s Twin Hybrid Rocker profile combines rocker in the nose and tail with camber under the feet. The rocker at the contact points delivers a more reassuring hook-free feel when playing in the park as well as creating lift and float in deeper snow. To give the board a more dynamic and responsive ride, the camber under the feet powers up the sidecut, ensuring that when you need edge hold and stability, the Machete won’t let you down.


Internally the Machete has been optimised to deliver the perfect balance of all-terrain performance with freestyle friendly feel. Heading this up is the Performance Core. Constructed from a combination of high strength Aspen, poppy Bamboo and lightweight Paulownia, it provides the perfect balance of strength, power and weight. Sitting on top of this are the Double Impact plates, these cushion the bindings from hard landings as well as adding an extra layer of defence against core compression. Now part of the reason the Machete punches hard is down to the addition of the innovative Carbon Slimrods. Made up of flat carbon rods that wrap a urethane slime-core, they run parallel either side of the insert pack up to both the tip and tail of the board. These add additional pop while helping smooth out harsh landings. Now to give the Machete its more playful overall ride, the structural layers are formed from bi-ax glass. These give a softer torsional flex stepping up both feel and control. Finally, the Urethane Slimewalls help to absorb edge impacts and also helps to dampen out unwanted vibrations.

Base: Sintered

The Machete’s high performance 4000 sintered base gives a faster glide across a wide range of snow temperatures and conditions.


  • Twin
  • Blunt Nose and Tail
  • Cleave Edges
  • Asymmetric Twin Hybrid Rocker
  • Stiffness 6/10
  • Twin Flex
  • Carbon Slimrods
  • Performance Woodcore
  • Double Impact Plates
  • Bi-Ax Glass
  • Slimewalls
  • Sintered Base

Size Guide

Size (cm) Waist Width (cm) Sidecut (m) Taper (mm) Effective Edge (cm) Tip Width (cm) Tail Width (cm) Stance Width (cm) Setback (cm) Weight Range (kg)