Chris Chatt

D.O.B – 15th July.
Hometown – Milton Keynes.
Favourite Resort – Mayrhofen.
Favourite Trick – Handplant.
Stance - +15 -15.
Regular or Goofy? - Regular.
Best Comp Result - Many moons ago I won a lot of rails contests.

Chatt has been snowboarding for 12 years! He first joined the TSA team back when he was 17. He has been with us ever since and we have funded his snowboarding escapades the entire time by providing his lazy ass with a job in the MK store in between seasons!!! He has always based himself out in Mayrhofen Austria… His best friends were all stationed there so this made ideal sense, plus Vans having their park there helped a lot too. During these winters he filmed for various video parts and an online series called “Tales From The T-Bar”, some of his best times riding were during these days. He has of course had his fare share of injuries over his time, he broke my left femur back in 2008! This took a couple of years to get over before he was able to get back on the bandwagon and shred again…
I am now working closely with Vans snowboarding managing there UK team. This is a real honour for me to do as Vans have been a true sponsor for me over the years during the good times and the bad….. Now I am stoked to say I’m helping to support the scene and some of the best riders out of the UK including Rowan Coultas and Will Smith! Be sure to check out or teams web series this year “Week In A Life” episodes out now, view them here

Instagram - CHRIS_CHATT86

Check out Chatt's kit below.