YES Men's Hybrid Snowboard 2019 / 2020

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The Grown-Up surf inspired snowboard that rips up the whole mountain.

The Hybrid is a new addition to the Yes range for this season and is, without doubt, one of the most exciting boards of year. Unashamedly aimed at the resort rider this stunning freeride board delivers outstanding performance across the whole mountain. Best described as the love child of an unlikely liaison between the 420 and the Pick Your Line, the Hybrid’s perfect balance of surf-inspired carver and big mountain charger creates one of the most intoxicating snowboards you can buy. So, if you’re one of those riders that wants to ride the whole mountain, from hard-charging piste runs through to day-long resort tours through to hitting up the backcountry on powder days, the Hybrid might just be the board for you. One word of warning, this board rides so well it might just make you re-evaluate your lifestyle choices. Say hello to chasing the winter.

Rider Style

Experienced through to expert riders who are looking for a surf inspired freeride board that delivers great performance both on and off-piste. With it’s slightly mellower ride it achieves the perfect balance of high performance and user-friendly versatility.

Shape Overview

The Hybrids unique shape combines the advanced wide planing nose profile of the legendary 420 with the state of the art Tapered UnderBite outline of the Pick Your Line. By adding that shorter, fuller nose profile which swaps length for volume, the Hybrid delivers almost powder board levels of float in the pow. The fact that it does this without being overly long and unwieldy adds to the board's unique surfy ride. Now, the secret to the Hybrid and what elevates it above being ‘just another surfy snowboard’ is the addition of the stunning Tapered UnderBite edge profile. This unique technology divides the sidecut profile into three distinct parts. From the contact points, the sidecut is modified down the length of the board by 2mm steps from 8m at the front to 7m in the middle to 6m at the tail. This innovative profile offsets the inherent flaws of tapered sidecuts where the arc of a standard sidecut is condensed as the board gets narrower along its length. This arc reduction stifles drive through the tail of the board compromising the boards carving performance. By increasing the sidecut depth as you move towards the tail, Tapered Underbite creates a corrective “hook” to the taper. This delivers the directional drive and float you’d expect from a tapered board, but holds an edge and rockets out of turns like nothing else.


The Hybrid utilises an exclusive 1-4-1 version of YES’s versatile CamRock profile. With the addition of the high volume nose, the designers can reduce the rocker in the nose allowing the contact points to engage earlier for a more responsive feel without compromising lift and float. This low rocker lift then blends into a powerful camber which working in harmony with the short tail and low profile tail rocker, powers up the back of the board and drives it through the turn.


As you would expect for such a high-performance board, the Hybrids construction utilises some of the most advanced technology available. Heading this up is the state of the art wood core. Combining durable poplar with lightweight paulownia and bamboo stringers running through the centre, the Hybrid delivers a powerful and responsive flex through the length, while cutting weight to the absolute minimum. To this, Yes then add structural layers formed from a torsionally stiff tri-ax weave glass fibre. This beefs up the torsional flex and ensures that no matter how hard or how fast you ride, you just know that the Hybrid won’t let you down.


As the Hybrid is all about performance, Yes step up the base to a True Sintered material. True Sintered is harder and more expensive than extruded, and it can be faster for those that ride aggressively fast.


  • Tapered UnderBite Edges
  • Directional
  • CamRock 1-4-1
  • Stiffness 7/10
  • Directional Flex
  • Poplar/Paulownia/Bamboo
  • Tri-Ax Glass
  • True Sintered Base
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