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Top 5 Powder Snowboards 2017

Top 5 Powder Snowboards 2017
11 December 2016 No comments

When people chat about powder specific snowboards the focus is about how much float you can get and manoeuvrability often gets overlooked. 2017 brings a new line of snowboards that blend a short and nimble ride with ridiculous lift. TSA have selected the best 5 powder snowboard that fit into this new and fun-filled category.


PH 420

YES PH 420

  • Profile: PowHull
  • Flex: Mid
  • Base: Sintered

YES have combined the tech from two of their most ground breaking boards into one hybrid –The PH 420. It brings together the powder hull from the 20/20 for unrivalled lift and the shape from the 420 for edge control.

The core of the board is a lightweight poplar paulownia combo, sandwiched between tri-ax glass. This provides plenty of stability and responsiveness as well as agility in powder.

Completing the board is a deep sidecut to lay down some carves with and a high grade sintered base.

"Floats over everything and can still perform on the piste."

Steve : Chester Store



Burton Branch Manager

  • Profile: Camber
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Base: Sintered

A beautifully balanced snowboard that glides through powder, pivots through trees and pops off backcountry booters.

On those rare blue bird powder days move your bindings back along the EST channel, increasing your float, then easily switch them up to a more central stance for the piste. A directional volume also help nose lift the board up over the snow.

The Branch Manager works just as well on the groomers using a directional camber and flex along with a tight sidecut to rapidly transfer from edge to edge. A full (tip to tail) layer of carbon tri-ax glass adds further responsiveness.

"Lively and snappy, tree runs had me smiling all day."

Tom : Tower House Store



Jones Storm Chaser

  • Profile: Pow Rocker
  • Flex: Mid/Stiff
  • Base: Sintered

Maybe the funnest powder board we’ve tested to date - the wide nose and thin swallow tail thrust you up over the snow whether it is a few inches or knee high. Helping with lift is a full rocker profile designed by surfboard shaper Chris Christenson and a spoon shaped nose.

A progressive sidecut eases you into turns on the piste and paulownia stringers reduce weight and vibrations. You can appreciate this construction smashing through crud at high speeds.

"Crud, powder and Eurocarves - the Storm Chaser crushes them all."

Johnny : Castleford



Jones Ultracraft

  • Profile: CamRock
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Base: Sintered

This beefed up version on the Hovercraft retains all the parts we have come to love, only with added power and speed. Tri-ax glass, basalt stringers and a 9900 sintered base deliver that extra speed and response into the board.

It still possesses the easy turn directional shape, hold-steady Magna Traction, float / precision camrock profile and float /smooth turns 'spoon' tip and tail from the original.

"Like the Hovercraft, if it took steroids!"

Simon : Castleford



Bataleon Love Powder

  • Profile: Camber/TBT
  • Flex: Soft/Mid
  • Base: Extruded

A short powder board that has amazing lift and manoeuvrability in deep snow the ‘Love Powder’ is a modern-day women’s backcountry stick.

Bataleon have added a steeper than normal 3BT profile at the nose, set-back stance and fish style tail; the float this board gets is impressive.

A directional shape and traditional camber profile bite into the piste on deep carves with a Reactive Core (beech stringers along the side) and bi-ax glass providing all – terrain flex that is not going to punish every slight mistake.

“Awesome to ride in powder and very easy to turn.”

Kate : Westfield store