Jamie Nicholls

D.O.B – 21st July.
Hometown – Bradford.
Favourite Resort – Mayrhofen.
Favourite Trick – Front 360 Stalefish.
Stance - 23", +18 -9.
Regular or Goofy? - Goofy.

Jamie is a professional snowboarder from Yorkshire. Famous things from Yorkshire include Yorkshire Tea, Yorkshire puddings and the writings of the Brontë sisters and he likes all of those. Well, the first two at least. Jamie grew up near a dryslope and had his first taste of snowboarding at the age of 8. Although it was on plastic, the fact that the jump there never melted or got rutted in many ways made it the perfect training facility. By 9, Jamie could already do front flips and backside 900s. A few years later an indoor snow dome opened near Leeds and the rail set ups provided the other half of Jamie’s youth training (he never paid much attention to boring school stuff like maths, science and English). This meant by the time he was an annoying 13 year old, he was already one of the best UK snowboarders ever. It was then that the northern snowboard OAPs stepped in with regular and brutal piss taking to stop his head swelling to the size of a hot air balloon.

Armed with mad skid board skills and a humble attitude, Yorkshire unleashed Jamie on the rest of the World back in 2009. Since then he has traveled the globe (with his own tea bags from home) shredding big air, slopestyle and rail contests, turning his nose up at local foods and trying to ‘47’ with the girls. He is now one of Yorkshire’s most famous exports (after thriftiness and greyhound racing) but continues to be one of the nicest lads you could meet. Always down for a shred on anything; from the biggest kicker to the gayest ride on box, it is clear to see that Jamie is in it for the right reasons. That is why he has got such strong support. Well, from most people: A few just think he got lost from the Sunshine bus! Words by Ian Thr Ashmore.


Check out Jamie's kit below.