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10 Snowboarders You Should Follow On Instagram

10 Snowboarders You Should Follow On Instagram
21 May 2018 No comments

'Are you coming snowboarding tonight?'

Nah, it's not a park setup / I've got no money / I'm too tired from work'

Whatever weak, wishy-washy excuse you’ve got for not going snowboarding this week, here are ten Instagram accounts that are guaranteed to motivate you off that sofa and on to the slopes...

Katie Ormerod


Leading Britain’s charge in the snowboarding world, Katie was the first woman to ever land a dub cork 1080 and recently won her first Big Air in Moscow.

Lucas Magoon


Part of the Yawgoons crew, Magoon's smooth style in the park and on the streets is some of the best around.

Marie France Roy


Previous X Games and tour competitor MFR now focuses her talents in the backcountry filming and promoting eco projects.

Scott Stevens


With a style all of his own 'Sleepy' Scott Stevens pulls spins and presses on any and all obstacles.

Danny Davis


At home in the super-pipe or a steep backcountry chute, Danny Davis's fun outlook on life floods through into his snowboarding.

Jamie Anderson


One of the most decorated women in competitive snowboarding, Jamie Anderson continues to reign at the top whilst fitting in surf trips and plenty of yoga.

Tim Humphreys


A brand ambassador of GoPro for good reason, Tim gifts us POV journeys through some of the most famous parks and some seriously big booters.

Xavier Delerue


Steep lines, mountaineering and amazing panoramas; Xavier takes us into his world at the top of high-risk snowboarding.

Kjersti Oestagaard Buaas


Norwegian native Kjersti Buaas has competed at multiple Olympic Games winning bronze in the half pipe (2006 Italy). Today she still competes on the Dew tour as well as filming parts, promoting women’s snowboarding and having fun all over the mountain.

Jamie Nicholls


Whether he's at a Big Air comp or riding his home dry slope (Halifax) Jamie Nicholls mixes tech rail wizardry with big spins like one else.