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Brand Focus - Jones Snowboards

Brand Focus - Jones Snowboards
7 January 2021

Jeremy Jones captured by Andrew Miller

After decades of riding as a pro snowboarder and exploring the world's most gnarly backcountry, 2009 was the year Jeremy Jones decided to start making snowboards. Making the most of his industry contacts, his experience and a whole lot of get-up-and-go he set about realising his dream of high performance, durable and sustainable snowboards.

The snowboards were well received from their inception, with a multitude of industry awards from ISPO, Transworld Good Wood, Backcountry Mag and many more. But Jeremy didn't rest on this early success, instead developing, improving and expanding the range over the next few years. This included adding to the number of women’s models - great to see in an often male-dominated sport.

Enhancing the experience on the hill and leading the way in eco-friendly technologies the Jones brand has attracted a strong team of professional snowboarders, guides and brand ambassadors. It is this drive to apply their guiding principles to all their snowboards and projects that has won them so many loyal fans across the world.


Elena Hight captured by Andrew Miller

Elena Hight captured by Andrew Miller

Passionate about protecting our planet

Jones are part of the ‘1% for the planet’ collective. This group of businesses all gift one percent of their sales to non-profit sustainability organisations. Jones donate their 1% to Community Carbon Trees (CCT) and Protect Our Winters (POW), a charity set up by Jeremy Jones himself.

POW objectives

  • organise brands, athletes and locals into a collective force to achieve change
  • lobby Washington D.C to implement climate change policies
  • accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral society

CCT objectives

  • reforest Costa Rican rainforests with a wide diversity of native trees
  • provide well-paid jobs to their local employees and help build their community

Jones Partners

Conscious of their global impact, Jones decided to house their manufacturing centre in Dubai. This allowed the company to minimise material freight and CO2 as a lot of the products were already in location. They also demand that their apparel manufactures used organic cotton, recycled plastics and water based inks.

Jones also believe in transparency. If you'd like to find out exactly where they source their materials, you can view their supply chain map.

Eco-performance by Jones

Snowboard construction


Jones take pride in their unwavering eco-friendly stance; making use of natural or recycled materials where possible and limiting their environmental impact. They aim to produce snowboards that are "Performance focused, eco conscious" and this stance is led by the renowned Flagship, raising the eco-performance bar year after year.


Eco-friendly materials in Jones snowboards

  • Bio-plastic topsheets made from castor beans
  • Wood cores sourced sustainably
  • Finger joined wood core reduces waste
  • Bamboo veneer removes the need for some plastics and lacquer


More eco-friendly materials in Jones snowboards

  • Recycled steel edges
  • Recycled ABS walls
  • Basalt stringers replacing carbon stringers where possible
  • Flipflop base design minimises base material waste

Snowboards as freedom tools

Jones make snowboards for those of us who want to explore natural terrain in the mountains. Whether that's a 40-degree face or a cruisey piste, they've got a board for it. Jeremy's passion for untouched powder lines and splitboarding in the backcountry fuels the brand's ideology and continuous innovation.


Solid boards

Jones Snowboards

Photo credit: Andrew Miller

From the versatile classics like the Mountain Twin and the Twin Sister to the surf-inspired Storm Chaser, Jones's solid boards cover a wide range of terrains and riding styles.

Going far beyond a set-back stance and a big nose, Jones have developed a collection of pow-shredding boards to suit different styles and approaches to snowboarding backcountry terrain. One of their cutting-edge achievements is the Surf Series collection created in collaboration with surfboard shaper Chris Christenson. This fleet includes the binding-free Mountain Surfer and the big mountain gun Lone Wolf.



Jones Athletes Splitboarding

Jeremy Jones, Elena Hight, and Nick Russell captured by Andrew Miller

Jones's dedication to backcountry riding shines through in their large range of splitboards. Making use of a revolutionary no-bolt clasp system and re-profiled wood core, the boards perform very closely to their solid counterparts.

Jeremy's personal favourite, the Solution splitboard, is the perfect touring companion without sacrificing downhill performance, thanks to the iconic shape it shares with Jones's ultimate mountain-charger the Flagship.

Jones Solution Splitboard

Innovative snowboard technology

Jones are one of the main instigators in pushing forward snowboard design - experimenting with new materials and construction. Here's several of their latest developments:

Spoon technology - similar in shape to a spoon at the nose and tail, the board lifts up away from the snow creating a surf like catch-free feel.


A snowboard and a spoon


Bolt-less bridge - no bolts pass through the board (on a split board) and an extra thick profile around the clasps adds strength to the connections - helping to hold the pieces together.


Splitboard base


Ultra Series - featuring a ground-breaking construction which balances weight and power to create the lightest but toughest snowboards on earth.

 Jones Ultra Series Mountain Twin

If you have any more questions regarding our selection of Jones snowboards, please don't hesitate to contact customer services to chat to our expert staff who will be more than happy to help.

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