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Thank U Snowboarding Podcast - S1 EP14 - Vicky and Nige Brookes

22 February 2024
Thank U Snowboarding Podcast - S1 EP14 - Vicky and Nige Brookes

If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you love snowboarding. We do too, so much so that we decided to make a podcast waxing poetic about it. Thank U Snowboarding is a celebration of the UK snowboard scene, a deep dive into its journey from ‘Ban This Killer Craze’ to the mainstream and a nostalgia-fuelled look back at the glory years. Each week we’ll sit down with an influential figure, exploring the past, present and future of the sport and remind ourselves why we leapt headfirst down the snowboarding rabbit hole in the first place.

The pair we spoke to for episode 14 need no introduction, but we’ll do it anyway because we’re obtuse like that. You may well know Vicky and Nigel as the parents of snowboarding’s coolest kid, current world champion and X Games Gold Medalist Mia Brookes, but aside from producing the future of British snowboarding, Vicky and Nige are two genuinely rad people. Starting their seasonaire journey in Chamonix, living the dirtbag van life to make ends meet, Nigel and Vicky have lived and breathed snowboarding since the mid-90s.

They’ve eschewed the pushy parent narrative and passed their love of sliding sideways down in a way that seems as natural as breathing. If nothing else, Vicky and Nige have proven that there’s no ‘right way’ to do adulthood, it’s all about following passions, pursuing dreams and finding happiness in the little things. Listen to their story and find yourself falling in love with snowboarding all over again.