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Get Snowboard Holiday Ready

28 December 2017 No comments
Get Snowboard Holiday Ready

Most resorts have been up and running for a few weeks now - so to take the stress out of getting ready for your snowboard trip we’ve pulled together a list of all the essentials you’ll need for a rad week shredding.


paper and pens

It may be boring but if you get into any trouble or find yourself injured – it's one less thing to worry about. There are several specialist insurers that cover you for riding park and backcountry: Snowcard, Dogtag or Sportscover Direct. Otherwise looking on a comparison site is always a good bet.

Packing list

a bag at the airport
  • ✔ Helmet
  • ✔ Beanie
  • ✔ Goggles
  • ✔ Gloves or Mittens
  • ✔ Snowboard Socks (merino wool) x2
  • ✔ Base Layer Top (merino) x2
  • ✔ Base Layer Pants (merino)
  • ✔ Mid layer Or Fleece
  • ✔ Neck Warmer
  • ✔ Snowboard Jacket
  • ✔ Snowboard Pants

Service your snowboard

servicing a snowboard

Having a freshly serviced snowboard when you hit the slopes makes everything easier, faster and more fun. It doesn’t cost a lot or take too long to do it yourself or you can drop it off at one of our shops, and we will professionally service it for you.

Check bindings bolts, buckles and straps

snowboard binding 

It’s worth checking your equipment before you go on holiday to make sure it is still in working order. Sourcing and replacing parts in-resort can be difficult, and it can be dangerous if your equipment fails on the hill.

If possible check over your entire set-up (or bring it into your local TSA store and let us have a look at it) then hit up your local dome or dry slope to get you back in the swing of things.

Wash and reproof outerwear

a wet person

Let’s be honest it’s not much fun being soaking wet when your snowboarding. You soon get cold, and it can put a downer on your day.

All you need to keep yourself dry is a relatively cheap 2-in-1 proofing-wash. Place your jacket and pants in the washing machine with the wash, and it will clean and reproof it ready for the hill. Remember to run a ghost wash afterwards or your next load of washing may end up covered in DWR.