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Holiday Snowboard Servicing Essentials

26 July 2016 No comments
Holiday Snowboard Servicing Essentials

Packing your boardbag for any holiday is always a challenge, let alone when you need to include all your bulky snowboard gear. With space always at a premium we have compiled a list of the five essential snowboard servicing tools that you can actually fit in your bag!

1.Toko Express Mini

Toko Express Mini

Whatever the condition of the bases it can be improved quickly and significantly with the application of this liquid wax. This application will last for about two to three days before it needs applying again.It is small, you don't need a iron and it is very easy to apply (last year my seven year old cousin waxed her own snowboard using this!). There is more than enough of the wax to last several holidays, keeping you nice and fast.

2.Alu Oxide Bar

Aluminium Oxide Edge Tool

There are plenty of things that your snowboard can bump and bash into over your holiday - rocks, gondolas, ski poles, bar doors etc. Those little bumps will rack up and create dents in the edge of your snowboard. When this happens the board no longer has a consistent and level edge which basically makes turning unpredictable. An Alu oxide bar will smooth out any little burrs, scratches and dents with little gently rubbing.

3. P-Tex candles and a metal scraper

P-tex repair candles

I have slightly cheated and squeezed two together here but they are both worth packing. After a couple of days snowboarding you might notice a few gouges in the base of your board. These gouges create an uneven base and extra drag, slowing you down. Use the corner of the metal scraper to clean out any dirt; fill the gouges with the repair candles and scrape off any excess material. Your snowboard bases is once again silky smooth and ready to charge.

4. Zardoz NotWax

Zardoz liquid teflon keeps your base slippery, and comes in a convenient puck for on-the-hill application. It also work well with any wax you already have on your snowboard. So if your feel like you're slowing down in the afternoon apply a few drops of the liquid to the puck and rub in.

5. Leatherman Multitool

This version of the classic multi-tool has separate Philips and flat head screwdrivers to adjust your bindings. The knife is useful for cutting off loose bits of topsheet and its tapered end is great for cleaning gouges in your base. In total the Leatherman has 14 different tools that at some point will come in useful whilst you are away (not least the bottle opener).

Now you have packed your servicing essentials it is time to try and fit in those tea bags, socks, and travel plugs!

Main image source: www.douchebags.com.